Renovation Malaysia is for Malaysian who is looking to renovate their living space whether it is a new house or merely to refurbish an existing one, is the most ideal place to obtain the information you need. Navigating in this portal is easy as the sections are divided into various categories. You can view the various resources here while browsing through our directory of renovation contractors for leads on how can do the job for you. Otherwise, you can also choose to do it yourself by going through our tips and tricks in the do it yourself section.

Renovation Tips
This section provides all the relevant information that you need to renovate your property. While everyone has their own creative design and taste, the articles here provide the closest designs and tips based on the experiences of our panel. Spend some time reading through the articles while looking at the finished product images provided for to see if they suit your taste. Should you find that none of them does, feel free to submit your idea through to our panel who will assist you on what you should do. You must be a registered user to make use of this facility.

Do it Yourself
This section provides the tips and tricks of the ‘Do it Yourself’ concept. We have provided a comprehensive list and resources of how you can make your own kitchen tables, create your own garages, pull your own automatic gates, etc. As a registered user, you can submit a request where our panel will try to find you the best possible solution.

Contractors’ Directory also holds a huge directory of contractors from all over the country that can assist you in your renovation plans. Contractor’s can list their services in the portal to be browsed by the community of users.

The Forum in contain the threads and discussion leads that provides information like best practices, ideas, queries and such for anyone who are looking to renovate their property. Join the community of experts and even those who just like to make your home look good.

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